Veterans and displaced workers get a second chance at a new career with nonprofit, MHI. Founder, Vicki Barnes joins us on SmashFund & Coffee w/ Carol & Angela

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Smashfund & Coffee w/ Vicki Barnes

New Non-Profit wants to fill millions of jobs that already exist in manufacturing.

Vicki Barnes is many things but her new Non-Profit, The Margherita Henning Institue, or MHI, goes right to the core of who she is, a compassionate and big hearted person. It speaks to her desire to help those in need, especially veterans and displaced workers. Vicki’s aha moment came when she was speaking with a friend, a software manufacturing developer, who brought to her attention the number of jobs left unfilled or shipped overseas because the US did not have a program to train our own citizens. That’s when the lightbulb went off and she created her non-profit.

MHI will give scholarships to veterans and displaced workers who want to start a career in manufacturing. The training can take as little as 6 months with starting salaries at around $40,000 depending on your location. Now this isn’t your parent’s manufacturing where you think of factory assembly lines. NO! This is high tech, state of the art, 3D computer technology driven manufacturing.

By donating, our country wins.

Your donations will help provide scholarships for veterans and displaced workers. Vicki has put together a comprehensive plan on how this will be achieved and the importance of pride and commitment on all parties involved. But if you pull back and look at the bigger picture, our communities win too. Manufacturing jobs bring revenue back into the areas in which we live, and once disheartened communities will be revived.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us as Vicki Barnes talks about her passion and why she feels this can help people and the communities in which they live.

If you would like to donate to MHI, please click here. For me, this is a win! win! for the American spirit!

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