Today’s guest on SmashFund & Coffee with Carol & Angela is The Hormone Goddess, Leslie Botha.

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This is why I Love SmashFund!

What perfect timing! ToSmashfund and CoffeeLB2day, SmashFund opens up it’s EXPLORE tab on the same day Carol and I decide to start promoting the projects on SmashFund. While this may seem like a little thing, for me, it’s actually a big thing. Why? Because I have always had the desire to help people. How I was going to do this wasn’t always quite clear, but through the platform of SmashFund & Coffee with Carol & Angela, I get to talk to people every day about their passion and how they, in turn, want to help people. Our little, intimate call, can become the resource that so many people are looking for, providing a vehicle for them to share their passion on social media. SmashFund is the ultimate Pay-It- Forward platform for me!

Education is Key

So let me tell you a little bit about our guest, Leslie Botha and her passion for educating women about their hormones and the links to Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Leslie’s book, Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Hormone Cycle is based on decades of research done while working with at-risk girls and women. It is intended for those who want to understand the sometimes confusing physical and psychological changes they experience each month, and for educators, healthcare and social welfare professionals that support women of all ages who are struggling with physical and behavioral issues caused by hormonal changes.

Hormone Disruptors

Her work focuses on educating women and men about the vital link between the endocrine rhythm and our health. Scientists are beginning to reveal that at least 180 toxins in our environment act as disruptors to the endocrine system resulting in an array of neurological and pathological disorders including autism, autoimmune issues and premenstrual dysphoric disorder and infertility in both men and women.

Personally, I was stunned by her statistics on the amount of toxins found in the umbilical cords of newborn babies! My take away from our conversation was that we need to educate ourselves and our healthcare providers to see beyond the behavior and recognize other triggers, rather than be quick to medicate a behavior with anti depressants and birth control pills, a combination that has it’s own set of issues!

Take a listen to our call and hear from Leslie why she’s dedicated this topic as her life’s work and how you can make a few changes, this very minute to repair and support your endocrine system. If you’d like to make a donation to Leslie Botha’s project on SmashFund, please click here.

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