SmashFund & Coffee with Carol & Angela

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This weeks’ guest, Leslie Fox talks about a bigger vision for you!

Smashfund-and-CoffeeLFCrowdfunding is Better with Friends

It’s soooo hot! But not so hot that I couldn’t join a couple of my good friends for a cup of coffee and talk SmashFund. Joining Carol and me this week is our good friend and partner in mastermind, who got us involved with SmashFund, Leslie Fox. When I first heard her talk about SmashFund and how she saw this one slight change in the public consciousness shift just a little bit, it changed the entire vision for my future. When Leslie talks about SmashFund, I get goosebumps!

SmashFund Dares you to Dream Bigger

Please listen in as Leslie describes her vision and how SmashFund can help just about everyone she knows. Then think about the question that’s posed at the end of the conversation, “What brings you joy?” This is the space where you dare yourself to dream. For me, at first these dreams were little, but as the opportunity grew so did the size of my dreams.

SmashFund and Coffee Anyone?

If you’d like to join Carol and me for a cup of coffee and talk about your SmashFund passion, send me an email with a few sentences about your project and a photo of your coffee mug along with your id# to We’re looking forward to having a cup of coffee with you.

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