Katrina Padron, Creator of YES TO BETTER, joins us on SmashFund & Coffee with Carol & Angela

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Smashfund & Coffee w/ Katrina Padron

Brands and Bloggers Unite!

Our guest today, Katrina Pardon, CEO of Padron Marketing knows a thing or two about why it’s important for brands to build relationships. Through her passion project on SmashFund, Katrina saw a need and she plans to fill it!  Katrina says, “Today’s ever-evolving digital marketplace is much like speed dating. When you’re one amongst tens, hundreds or even thousands of prospective candidates hoping to woo the person of your dreams in an amount of time that seems like nanoseconds, how do you rise above the rest and land enough dates that might lead to something a bit more…permanent?”

SmashFund Your Start-Up

YES TO BETTER is a premiere matchmaking site for influential brands and bloggers. As Katrina tells us, “We know that every brand tells a story, and by shifting that story just a bit differently you will not only stand out, but you will achieve a higher compatibility score with only the most influential bloggers. Why bloggers? Because bloggers are the ultimate “wingmen”. They have loyal followings of their own, built upon authenticity and credibility, and you get to search on those influencers that best fit your budget. It even gets better. As you build your network, you get to measure your success not in fans, but in dollars. Why waste any more time, energy and money? Time to put a ring on it and find your brand’s soul mate now!” If you are an entrepreneur with a new start-up, you will want to keep your eye on this new platform.

Please listen as Katrina fills us in on how YES TO BETTER will work, whom it will benefit and why she’s made the platform so affordable for brands, businesses and non-profits.

If you would like to make a donation to YES TO BETTER, please click here. If you are interested in joining SmashFund, http://smashfund.com/signup/via/6270517 and if you are a member of SmashFund and would like to join us for SmashFund & Coffee with Carol & Angela, please email me at ismashfund@gmail.com. We’d love to turn the spotlight on your passion and hopefully get it funded!